Easter Egg Painting Tutorial

Our ever so lovely design studio team have been creating magic again an this time, in the form of oh so pretty painted Easter eggs. These are perfect for brightening up the dinner table, fireplace, floral display, kitchen….basically anywhere that needs a touch of extra colour! We created these with Easter in mind but you could create seasonal decorated eggs for any time of the year. They’d work particularly well at Halloween or Christmas. Whether you’re going it alone, grabbing some friends to join for some healthy competition, or getting crafty with the kids for the afternoon, here’s how to achieve the look:

What you’ll need:

Ceramic eggs

Gouache or poster paint



Egg cup to help balance the egg

Small hooks (optional)

How to make them: 

1. Mix up the colours you’d like using the paints – think about a colour theme and patterns for your decoration. We’ve gone for pastel colours to make the eggs really Spring-like but feel free to get as creative as you want!

2. Begin painting the egg at one end, carefully holding the egg at the other end to avoid smudging or finger prints.

3. Mix the paint with water or white paint where appropriate.

4. Continue painting your egg, using the holder to help steady the painting.

5. Leave to dry for approx. five minutes

6. Pop the metal hook into the top of the egg and thread through a ribbon to hang your Easter eggs from somewhere special or just place alongside other brightly coloured eggs.

7. Take a look at some of our card designs for pattern, colour and effect inspiration.

So there you have it, gorgeousness in 7 easy steps! We’d love to see your creations so don’t forget to share your work on Instagram @Moonpig_UK or Twitter @MoonpigUK with #MoonpigMoments