Easter Bunny and Chick Envelope Tutorial

Keep your little one entertained, flex their creative muscles and make your Easter cards really stand out from the crowd with our Easter bunny and chick envelope tutorial.

What you’ll need:

Plain white envelopes with a V shaped seal



Coloured card

Black sharpie

How to make it: 
1. Lay the envelope flap over your yellow card and draw around (we’d do this with a pencil so you can rub out any marks on your card), cut the yellow card so it fits the v shape of your envelope
2. Take your orange card and cut a small V to fit the top of your envelope
3. Glue both pieces in place onto the V shaped flap of your envelope
4. Take your pink card and cut two small circles for the cheeks and glue in place
5. With your sharpie draw two little v shaped eyes and there you go!

Et voila…your unique Easter card envelope

It’s easy enough, so why not set up a bit of an assembly line and churn out a whole batch to match your Easter egg theme- so that’s your kids entertained and your Easter cards sorted. You can thank us later.


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