Cointreau Apple & Rosemary Fizz Cocktail Receipe

Our friends at Cointreau know their stuff when it comes to creating drinks for every occasion and this Cointreau Apple & Rosemary Fizz cocktail recipe is refreshingly quirky. It’s super simple and we like to think it’s 1 of your 5 a day (it has apple in AND Cointreau is orange flavoured…. this counts right?!)

What you’ll need:

50ml Cointreau

The juice of half a lime

3 slices of apple (the tarter the better)

Fresh rosemary

100ml sparkling water

A cocktail glass

A muddler (if you don’t have one then a sturdy kitchen utensil will do)

What you need to do:

Chop your apple into small bite sized pieces and drop into your cocktail glass with around 7 rosemary leaves. Muddle the apple and rosemary in the bottom of a glass (muddle is just a fancy way of saying give it a firm prod around), then add your measure of Cointreau. Squeeze in your fresh lime juice, top with plenty of ice and finish off with sparkling water

Give your Fizz a slow stir and if you’re feeling uber fancy you can garnish with a sprig of rosemary and a slice of apple. A sip of summer even on the greyest of days. Enjoy (responsibly of course!).

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