Pressed Flowers Gift Tag Tutorial

 We’re loving florals at the moment from simple Solidago to practically perfect Peonies. Sure, a bouquet looks beautiful sat in a vase brightening up your room but sometimes you might want to cherish that gift a little longer. We’re going back to a favourite childhood pastime…pressed flowers! Learn how to easily press your favourite flowers to make them into beautifully useful gift tags.

What you’ll need:

Flowers – smaller buds usually work best for tags but feel free to test out an array of petals and full blooms

Heavy books

Tissue paper

Plain white paper

Kitchen roll

Elastic bands

Pre made card tags (in any colour you like, we chose brown)

Here’s how:

1. Open your book halfway lay a piece of tissue paper on one side. On top of that lay your white paper and then your sheet of paper towel.

2. Place the flowers on top of the paper towel making sure they’re evenly spaced out.

3. Cover the flowers with another piece of kitchen towel, paper, then tissue paper.

4. Close your book and secure with elastic bands. Find a resting place with your book and put some other books (or any heavy object), on top to really weigh it down.

5. Leave your flowers to dry for at least a week

6. Open your book and lay your pressed flowers out and grab your gift tags. We used shop bought tags but feel free to experiment!

7. To attach your flowers, you can use simple PVA glue, modge podge or even washi tape (available is so many different colours and patterns on the high street!). We used washi tape because we love the modern look it gives.

And there you have it, a simple and easy way to cherish your prettiest petals! If you’d like to shop our gorgeous flower range to give our pressed flower idea a go then head over here now.

If you give it a go don’t forget to show us your efforts over on Instagram at @Moonpig_UK or via Twitter @MoonpigUK #MoonpigMoments

Until next time!