Tips from Fred Sirieix for Valentine’s Day

The legendary maître d’ of prime time TV, Fred Sirieix is quite the philosopher when it comes to all things romance, which is why we asked him to share some of his top tips for romance ahead of Valentine’s Day.

So how do you find the perfect gift, send a memorable card whilst giving Fred a run for his Euros on Valentine’s Day you ask? With top tips from the man himself of course!

1. Find a gift you can enjoy together “Men and women prefer to receive a gift they can enjoy with their lover. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a romantic meal or an afternoon picnic – what’s important is that you’re doing it together. Create a shared experience for you both – a romantic day (or night) you can look back on when you’re old and grey.” Gift suggestion – Picnic Hamper

2. Be brave “Take a risk! If you are not prepared to expose your heart by giving honestly and sincerely, how can you expect trust from your partner? This fear of rejection holds so many people back – if you wish to buy a romantic present, don’t take the safe option. Do it right. Find something that speaks from the heart, and they will adore you for it.” Gift suggestion – Two Dozen Red Roses

3. If they mention something, remember it “Play detective! Part of the fun in finding the perfect present is picking up on your partner’s hints – big or small. If they mention something they want to see or do, or simply something that brings them a little moment of joy – you should take note. Soon you will be able to find that one magical gift that will leave them absolutely delighted. And of course, the more you learn to pay attention to these little things, the happier you will be together in the long run.” Gift suggestion – Lanson Ivory Label Champagne

4. Jokes gifts are the easy option “Stay away from the joke gifts. Funny as they may seem, they communicate something very real to your partner – ‘I am not taking this (or you) seriously. Of course, love and laughter go hand in hand. But a thoughtful present is how you show you’ve been paying attention to your loved one – to what they want and what they enjoy. Don’t make jokes, make an effort – they will be glad you did.”

5. The best gifts aren’t the most expensive “Those expensive, overblown romantic gestures – they go too far. Romance is not something you buy. The truest expressions of love can be the sweetest, smallest gestures. Sharing a coffee can be a thousand times more romantic than all the Champagne and truffles in the world. Be creative. Be thoughtful. And be yourself.”

So there you have it, some Sirieixly handy tips! Go forth and romance in your own unique way…you’ve got this.