Q&A with #MagicMum Emma – Brummy Mummy of 2

We caught up with the face of our #MagicMum campaign, Emma- creator of the award winning Brummy Mummy of 2 blog. She gives us an open and honest view on being a mum!

What’s in your bag? Is it a typical mum bag full of tricks?
As my youngest is now 4 I have graduated from a HUGE bag full of knick knacks to a slightly smaller bag. Alongside all the usual things like keys, purse etc, I also always make sure that I have some baby wipes in there, a spare pair of pants (for him, not me I, hasten to add!) and snacks. As everyone knows a small hangry human is the worst kind!

What’s your No. 1 mum ‘hack’?
Try not to sweat the small stuff. When you’re Mum, you are in a constant struggle between guilt and anxiety. My hack would be to embrace this feeling and try not to worry about the little things. As long as everyone is healthy and happy at the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter if you house is a bit of a mess and you’re all still in your pyjamas.

Tell us about your dream Mother’s Day
I LOVE my kids and my husband…but to be honest-I would like them to bring me breakfast in bed and then leave me alone. To sleep. To have a bath alone. To wee without someone running in. And I would LOVE to eat cake I didn’t have to share, whilst watching trashy reality TV rather than kids programmes. And then a reallllllly long nap. Bliss! .

What are you planning on getting your mum for Mother’s Day?
Generally I ask my Mum what she would like. I always enjoy getting her a comedy present like a pair of daft “I love you Mum” socks but I also like to get her something she really would like. Maybe something for her Pandora necklace, or as we’re off to Disney World together as a whole family, perhaps I can give her something to get her ready for Florida. Also, I always get her daffs. She loves her daffs!

Since becoming a mum, has what you give your mum changed?
I realise the importance of Mother’s Day a lot more now. Before, I thought it was a day just to shove a card her way and mumble “thanks”. But now, I get what hard work being a parent is, so I make more of an effort. Especially as she is a very hands on Nan and I’m not sure I would have managed working part-time without her help with childcare.

Who’s in your ‘mum circle’?
I have a variety of mum circles. I have the School Run Mums who see me looking like a tramp and moaning about the rain. I also have old friends who have had kids that I chat to. Since I started blogging, I found a whole host of women just like me who like to look at the light hearted side of being a parent. I can just text them an emoji and they know that I am having a bad day. They have been there with me cheering me on from the side-lines when my son FINALLY gave up the dummy, but also have been there to listen to me cry when things aren’t going according to plan. I can message them at any time of the day and I know at least one of them will send me a Beyoncé gif back.

Who’s your no. 1 mum inspiration?
I admire those Mums who seem to have their act together. I have a couple of friends who have four kids. FOUR! I mean they are heroes. I also have a friend who bakes, plans daily activities for her kids and still manages to get to the gym. I admire anyone who looks slightly more together than me…which wouldn’t be hard