What The Fudge…?

It’s Christmas and we all know what that means…overeating and overindulging! It’s the one time of year that we can put on our expandable pants and hide the scales and we couldn’t think of a better way to start the festive season than with a box of fudge treats.

We’ve teamed up with the lovely Fudge Kitchen to offer one chocolate lover the chance to live out their Charlie and The Chocolate Factory fantasy (accidental tongue-twister but it worked!) You and a friend will get to enjoy your very own Fudge making experience, that’s right, you get to create your very own bespoke fudge that will be available only to YOU! (eat your heart out Jamie Oliver).  Along with this you’ll also win a Fudge Kitchen hamper filled with tasty goodies and did we mention that travel and hotel stay is included? You’ll get one night stay in a hotel before visiting one of Fudge Kitchen’s lovely stores.

“So how do I win this fabulous prize” I hear you ask? It’s pretty easy – we want you to share your Christmas fudge-ups. It can be anything from sleeping through Christmas day (thanks hangover), to the classic forgetting to switch the oven on, we want to hear your stories!

To give you some inspiration we asked a few members of the Moonpig team to share their fudge-up stories:


“Last year we were all playing a few games after Christmas dinner, being particularly competitive, I was in a huff when I lost at Monopoly so decided I needed to walk it off… I left the house in such a hurry I ended walking the streets in my fluffy socks with a glass of neat rum in my hand and half froze to death refusing to go back in!” – Clare, Creative Guru



Oh, the pain! On Dec 23 I was very ill, and it continued into Christmas Eve, but my friends convinced me to hit the beers about 7pm on Xmas Eve. We went large that night, which seemed a bright idea at the time, but then on Christmas day I was so out of it (sick/hungover) that I could barely move and make the 15-minute car ride to my parents’ house who were NOT impressed that I couldn’t eat/move/join in. – Andre, The Grown Up



As with all my favourite stories, this begins and ends with the cat. Christmas Day began, a flurry of wrapping paper, chocolate for breakfast, cooking and food. Christmas dinner was served but rookie error, the turkey was left unmanned for one minute, so the cat took her chance to pounce. Turkey saved without too much fuss and cat removed we tucked into dinner. We were waiting for grandma’s famous trifle when the cat struck again weaving in-between mum’s feet. A trip over her tail meant the trifle ended up all over the living room floor, splattered up the walls and bowl smashed into tiny pieces we’d be finding for weeks to come! The cat’s plan worked as she happily licked the cream off the floor and we were without trifle. #FirstWorldProblems – Sally, Social Queen


Christmas has always been my favourite time of the year, except for three years ago! I’m from a large family and in the evening everyone gathers at Mum’s house to continue the merriment. I was on the couch with a few cousins and my nephew was particularly high on sugar climbing over everyone and running around like a headless chicken. Anyway, somehow, he managed to crawl behind me while I was on sitting and lean on my long hair so as I moved forward…too late the wig was off. The chorus of side-splitting laughter that erupted still haunts my soul. – Celestina, PR Diva



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