Send To Me – Add A Personal Touch To Your Cards

We all have our own special doodles, fingerprints and little extras that let us sign off in style. It’s a great way to make a card even more personal.

But did you know you can get any Moonpig card sent to you first to add your finishing touch before sending on?

It’s simple!

Step 1: Choose a snazzy card and personalise it
Step 2: Add your item to the basket and select ‘send back to me’ then add the card to your basket
Step 3: You card arrives for your to add your finishing touch. It’s then ready to send off to one very lucky recipient.

Of course, it comes with a fabulously fresh envelope too. And makes you look even more awesome whether you choose to pop it straight in the post or deliver it by hand.

It’s easy!

What better way to get the kids a scribblin’, or add a cowshed load of confetti inside the envelope! You could even have your furry friend leave a paw print so they can get in on the fun, because of course Tinsel the cat wants to congratulate your 3rd cousin on passing his driving test.

Of course you can still type it and send it directly using our host of fantastic fonts and colours. The choice is yours.

Shop our full card range and add your unique finishing flourish here and following our super simple steps.