We’ve Had A Makeover!

We’ve only gone and had a makeover! We launched way back in 2000 and quite frankly think about what you were wearing in 2000 and what you’re wearing today. Are YOU still wearing trucker hats or studded belts? We think not (but if you are, go you for rocking your own individual style!). Welcome to our world still pretty firmly planted somewhere in the universe.

We want to wow your nearest and dearest in lots of new ways – there are great new products to explore across our new look apps and website. Keep an eye out for more personalised gifts, a larger range of food, toys and beauty and lots of new card designs. Find the perfect gift with new ways to search and upload your own handwriting to cards on our iPhone app. You’ll also notice some funky updates to our gifts and flowers packaging (oh hey eye catching bright boxes!).

With all this to shout about, and after celebrating 100 million of your moments, we decided it was high time to freshen up our brand and show off the quality and energy we put into each and every one. We hope you like what we’ve done! Don’t forget to head over to our social channels to see more of what’s going on at Moonpig HQ.

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