Moonpig Rewards – Who will you give your free card to?

Free cards? Yep you heard us right! With Moonpig Rewards, the more you shop, the more rocket stamps you’ll earn to get you on your way to free card city. We asked the friendly folk working behind the scenes at Moonpig to tell us who got their well earned freebie..

Roxanne – Flowers Category Manager

“My free card was sent to my best friend at Valentine’s Day. We’re both single and decided to spend the day together so I picked the ‘mates before dates‘ card to give her. It was lovely when I got home to see she’d bought me a Valentine’s Day card too (from Moonpig of course)! Awww!”

Sally – Social Media Manager

“I gave my free card to my neighbour. We pass the people who live in our building like ships in the night and I only know their names from seeing their post pile up. I noticed flat 6 got an adorable new fur baby and who doesn’t like to celebrate gaining a floofy friend with a card emblazoned with, you guessed it, cats cats cats. I thought it was a great way to introduce myself (whilst suggesting I’m free for cat sitting).”

Peter – Head of Social Media & PR

“I was happy to share my free card to a friend who just moved into a new flat. I hadn’t planned on getting him a card, but when I received my email from Moonpig that I had a free card, it made me think of which of my friends were having some special moments coming up. And boom – flat warming wishes all sorted.”

Nick – Marketing Manager

“I gave my free card to my friend Sarah who had been having a really hard time delivering against a tough new management team at her work. I sent her a Wonder Woman card because the design was all about being a strong female, and I wanted her to feel empowered.”

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