Moonpig Rewards – Who will you give your free card to?

Getting mail that isn’t a bill or leaflet from the local handyman is usually rare. So, to combat boring post, we’ve made sending cards for all kinds of occasions even easier with Moonpig Rewards. Simply sign-up and earn stamps on each order. When you get six stamps you will get a free card. It’s that easy. To show you how you can use your free cards, we poked around Moonpig HQ asking peeps who they sent their freebie to…

Christina – CRM Exec

“I used my free card to buy an alternative get well card for our office manager (aka my office wife). She broke her knee during a night out, so an IDIOT card made complete sense. It went down a storm with her and was a proud fixture on her mantelpiece for week. A night falling on tiles = a broken knee, but making a fun of someone = a priceless moment.”

Bob – Head of Silliness

“I sent my free card to my neighbour’s dog saying thanks for cr@pping on my doorstep every week. Unfortunately, I don’t have the courage to confront my neighbour directly, but sending my free card was the perfect way to show her how I feel, all without spending money or having an uncomfortable conversation.”

Emma – CRM Exec

“I sent mine to my best friend. She was having a bad few days and I sent a thinking of you card saying that I’m always there for her, no matter what. She was so surprised that it made her cry. It turns out that kindness doesn’t have to cost a lot.”

Erika – Merchandise & Trading Assistant

“I sent my free card to my Mum. The front of the card has a picture of her (taken by good ‘ol Dad) after she indulged in too many glasses of wine. It was a friendly (and free) reminder that I love her as much as she loves wine. Like mother, like daughter.”

James – Marketing Manager

“I gave my free card to my friend as part of his wedding present. It was from our Mungo range and has two jigsaw pieces with the caption ‘Don’t even think of it Roger’. It was the perfect card for him and his wife (say no more).”

Free cards spread smiles (and are also perfect for sending passive aggressive messages to neighbours).

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