Host a Halloween party your friends will never forget

Our exclusive Evil Spirit Gin will haunt your Halloween party and if you think we’re kidding keep reading.

This wickedly delicious gin is made with an infusion of mint, apples, and a dash of Devil’s Claw. But, these aren’t just any apples… These apples are plucked from Pluckley, which is England’s most haunted village according to Guinness World Records. From the Watercress Woman to the farmer Edward Brett, it’s rumoured that there are at least 12 haunted spirits in this quintessentially English village. The tales are numerous, but otherworldly spirits have been witnessed all over this area for hundreds and hundreds of years. There’s even two haunted pubs and a forest known as the “Screaming Woods.” Talk about a lot of paranormal activity.

And if this creepy concoction wasn’t enough, we’ve had our limited edition bottles personally blessed by white witch Julianne White.  Cast during October’s full moon to enhance the effect of her unique spell: “The blessing empowers the drinker to follow whatever their hearts desire – whether it is for good or evil” explains Julianne. This magical mixture was created with gin maker extraordinaire Two Birds, are you brave enough to drink this Evil Spirit?

Please enjoy responsibly. These tantalising tipples should not be consumed during a full moon. Moonpig is not responsible if you’re transformed into a toad, zombie, or werewolf.

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If you’d rather get your hands on one of our limited edition bottles make sure you head back to our page below on Monday 23rd October. Be quick because once they’re gone they’re gone!