Bring On The Smiles! Moonpig & The Happy News Collaboration

Lets to know Emily Coxhead, illustrator, all around happiness creator, and designer of our brand new card range, The Happy News..

We’re majorly excited about The Happy News joining Moonpig! How did this range begin?

The Happy News began in 2015 after a successful Kickstarter campaign. I was fed up of seeing only bad news every time I switched on my TV or phone. I decided there should be a platform to share the positive and incredible things going on around the world (most of which we don’t often hear about). I started my range of greeting cards and gifts whilst at university. I even cut and folded each card in my bedroom. After going through a bit of a tough time myself, everything eventually started to come together as one brand. ‘The Happy News’ would bring a little happiness to this funny old world through every little card, product, and happy news story.

Tell us about a typical day as a freelance designer and illustrator – it must be non-stop!

There are no two days are the same, that’s for sure! I often try to organise what I’m going to focus on each day, but this barely ends up going to plan. Especially when you have so many different bits of work at any given time. Some days, I’ll have a book cover to edit, website to update, newspaper articles to write, or gift products to design. But, there’s an opportunity to do it while wearing PJs, so it’s swings and roundabouts.

Do you have a favourite design?

The ‘you’re a ray of sunshine’ is one of my favourites, it sums me up pretty well.

What does the future hold for The Happy News?

There’s so many exciting and wonderful things… more than I could have ever imagined! I’m currently working on a whole range of gift and products which are launching next year as well as my book ‘Make Someone Happy’ that’s launching in February. It’s to encourage us to bring a little bit of happiness to our own corner of the world… and of course,  more happy news and cards.

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