Staff Picks

Welcome to our new series showing you the products we love here at Moonpig HQ. You see one of the many great things about offering such a huge array of gifts is that even our staff are still finding new favourites all the time.

So let’s dive in with the first of our fortnightly staff picks, beginning with the top 3 gifts according to our Social Media whizz, Sally. She’s a northern girl, a self-confessed candle-lover and a singing teacher to little cherubs at the weekend too.

What do you do?

“I’m involved in all things social. I look after our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and, wouldn’t you know, this very blog too. It’s my job to plan our content so we have amazing visuals and news to share with you I also work with influencers and bloggers such as Papa Pukka or Brummy Mummy of Two. It’s incredibly exciting to see big names loving our products and talking about them to their fans”

What do you love about working at Moonpig?

“Working at Moonpig, one day is never the same. It could be July but we’ll already be planning our Christmas campaign, (which I’m 100% ok with because, I LOVE Christmas!). But it’s really the people behind the brand that make coming to work a joy as there are so many talented, enthusiastic people in each team, which I think is rare to find in a larger brand.”

Fun fact time…

“I was Pudsey Bear in Children in Need. Yep I bumbled around stage on TV with John Barrowman. Claim to fame.”

Game Of Thrones Game Westeros Intrigue £12

I haven’t watched Game of Thrones (I know – shock horror) but I know a lot of people who’d appreciate this GOT card game – and great gifts are about the giving in my book. It promises plotting, scheming and the chance to sit on the iron throne… and I’m pretty sure that doesn’t mean the toilet.

Posh Totty Love You To The Moon and Back Silver Necklace £25

I purchased this for a friend’s birthday who I don’t get to see that often. She LOVED it which made me feel like a present giving wizard. Here’s a snippet of her text to: ‘It couldn’t be more perfect, I’ve wanted a delicate necklace for ages and not been able to find one, it’s just beautiful’

Cotes de Provence Symphonie Rose Magnum 2015 £40

Rosé is just summer in a glass and despite the weather getting chillier you can still keep the summer vibes alive! This magnum will definitely impress at any celebrations you’ve got coming up. Rosé, yes way!

To shop our entire gift range, click HERE. Stay tuned for more Staff Picks and more ways to make a moment with Moonpig!


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