Meet Moonpig Card Designer Chloe Turner

We sat down with one of our newest members of our in-house design team, Chloe, to get to know her a little better and find out what goes into making brand new designs for our ever expanding range.

1.Tell us a little bit about what inspired you to want to work in the design industry?

From a very young age I have always been very creative! From the age of 3 when all I wanted to do was cut bits of paper to make little books and then draw in them to carrying around a little tool box with all my crafting and stationery essentials. Safe to say I’ve always been slightly obsessed.

My Mum and Granny used to do lots of crafty things with me growing up so that’s where my love for design really blossomed. I would turn up at her house with my box of goodies and say ‘let’s get to work then granny’ while carefully getting out all my pens and pencils ready for the day of fun ahead.

I think my upbringing and always doing art and crafts led me to where I am now. I went to a pretty academic school and never really thought a career in Design was actually possible or even the done thing- I always thought of it as more of a dream. To be able to do something you love everyday and be paid is all I really wanted. Little did I know it was all possible and here I am!

2.Is there anyone in the industry whose work you really admire?

There are so many people I admire in the industry for lots of different reasons- it would be hard to say just one person but if I had to pick I’d say. Atelier Bingo, Marc Johns, Jean Jullien. You should check them all out immediately!

3.Tell us a little bit more about the ranges you’ve created for Moonpig. We’d love to know how they’re created!

Most of my designs start with lots of rough sketches on paper. I scan in my hand-drawn illustrations to the computer and then use Adobe Illustrator. This enables me to play around with the hand-drawn elements and redraw, scale and colour them up much quicker. Every project is very different and it really depends on what look I’m trying to achieve as to how I design.

4.Do you have a favourite range you’ve created?

Since starting at Moonpig back in November I have worked on a number of ranges, both from scratch and refreshing existing ones. I think my P-arty range has been my fave in terms of designing. I also really enjoyed refreshing the Bees Knees range and putting my own spin on it.

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